Saturday, August 16, 2008

Visit to the Sunshine State!

Ellie and I went to Florida to visit my sister Ashlei. Ashlei hadn't seen Ellie since she was born, so it had almost been 4 months! Ashlei works at a primate sanctuary called Jungle Friends. It is a place that rescues monkeys and lets them live in a more natural environment. These monkeys are mostly ex-pets, but there are some that come from research labs. It was a great experience to see monkeys and interact with them... even touch them! Ellie definitely was very interested in them. Here is one monkey Jack, that was one of my favorites:

Ashlei had to work while we were there, so whenever she could she would come in and visit with Ellie. Here is a shot I got of Ashlei playing with Ellie (she gets so dirty she put on a robe so Ellie wouldn't get all the dirt on her!):

Ashlei did get a few days off, so we visited St. Augustine. It was a beautiful historic city that we didn't get to see much of since it rained almost the whole time we were there, but the few hours it wasn't raining we headed to the beach right outside the city. Here are some great pics of the family at the beach:

Ellie and I had a great time, we were so glad to see Ashlei! Ellie slept well every night and loved flying (she was asleep the whole time in the air every time)! We hope to get to go back soon!

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