Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Life of a Baby Human...the Ellie Baker Story

There were bodily fluids everywhere, it was gushing from my wife while she screamed in pain...nah, thats not what happened but our beautiful daughter, Ellie Baker, was born 7lbs. 7oz. at 11:04am on April 11th.

Earlier that morning, around 1:30am, Laura's water broke which was great because we didn't have to deal with second guessing about false labor and the authenticity of her contractions. After a brief conversation with the doctor and verification that her water had indeed broken we took our showers and drove to Rex Hospital around 3:00am. Laura was in full champ mode at this point because her contractions were increasing in intensity and were sustained at about 2-3 minutes apart. This trend continued until about 6:00am when she got the epidural. I think this is an appropriate time to personally advocate that most every woman get one, the epidural totally changed the dynamic of our labor experience for the better. Laura was able to focus and rest before pushing, not to mention she didn't have to feel the contractions she was having every other minute.

At around 8:00am Laura was 3cm dilated, at 9:00am she was 9.5cm dilated. We were finally able to start pushing at 9:30. For one hour and thirty-four minutes Laura pushed on every contraction until Ellie Baker was born at 11:04am. It was a sight to see, going through labor is a laudable experience but Laura surpassed all performance expectations you could have for a rookie. If she were a lesser woman we might still be in the delivery room but alas, I married a woman of great perseverance.

At 4 days old EB is sleeping well, nursing well, and pooping well. She also received a clean bill of health at her first doctor visit. When she isn't sleeping she is normally getting her diaper changed, getting wrapped up like a human burrito, or getting her favorite book, The Age of Revolution, the History of English Speaking Peoples, by Winston Churchill read to her. We have had a ton of support from our family, friends, small group, and co-workers, we truly thank all of you.

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kellyjones said...

It's been good hearing how wonderful everything is going. Zach, I love how you talk about Laura! I know y'all will be great and encouraging parents :-) I'm praying for y'all!!