Sunday, March 23, 2008

3 weeks to go...hopefully!

I am now 37 weeks pregnant! It is hard to believe 9 months have gone by and our little girl is about to enter the world. We have had a lot going on this past month.... showers, birth class, birthdays, and holidays. I have felt so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends surrounding us and supporting us. We have gotten everything we need and then some, and still have another shower to go! Here is a picture of my hosts and I at my first shower:(from left to right: Mikel Bass, Anna Pepper, Me, and Kelley Eanes)

We did have a little bump in the road about 3 weeks ago when the doctor thought I was measuring too small. We did an ultrasound to check if everything was ok, and everything was PERFECT! I was exactly on my due date and EB was measuring in the 48 percentile (which means she is right at average size). Everything has been perfect since then. I have been feeling great and am still going strong at work. I will definitely be working this last week of March and then have spring break. We are hoping EB will come a little early during that first week of April, but if not I might go back to work one last week before the due date. It all depends on how I feel. We are extremely excited and getting anxious to see her little face. We will let you all know whenever something happens :)

Here's some picture we took on Easter (today) that show my HUGE belly:

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kellyjones said...

thank you for putting up pictures!! those are cute :-) I hope you're still feeling okay... miss you!